acd sports management

AcD Sports Management was founded by people who have been working within Swedish football for years and are well connected with clubs in Sweden, Europe and the Middle East. In 2022, we will cooperate with an academy in Africa in order to give young players a chance to show their talents.

Furthermore, ACD Sports Management is well connected with other agencies in the business and can arrange transfers all around the world.

about us

Our idea about an agency was born because we saw a potential for improvement in the industry. We believe that we can bring more value to the clients – we believe that clients need more than the conventional agent. Our goal is to help our clients with more than just transfers – we want to build an individual brand surrounding each client. To reach our goal, we have a team working with clients PR and Social Media. We are also well connected with sports brands and marketing companies.

Our crew has worked in different sides and positions in football, and as a result of this, we can see things from a broader perspective than some of our competitors.

our team

alan cem dogan

CEO and Intermediary

Georges Vidasca

Scout & intermediary

Aram Can Dogan


Tim Colin

Clients legal contact, Lawyer

Tove Berggrund


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Dag Hammarskjölds väg 13, Uppsala, Sweden